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Objective Observation

a useful illusion

Yanagi Renji
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[Character played by giving_ground for tp5]

Name: Yanagi Renji
Age: 25

History: Yanagi Renji was born on Seigaku, to parents of Rikkai blood who were stationed on the planet in a diplomatic role. Although he lived there for some years, his parents were returned to Rikkai when he was ten years old, and he considers that the more important part of his life has been spent on Rikkai prime. This is the place he views as home.

As a child of wealthy parents he has enjoyed a somewhat privileged position, completing military training but subsequently working in various political roles, rather than being pushed into active service. He has generally worked as an advisor rather than in a position of direct responsibility, finding that being behind the scenes suits him rather better. He is generally highly thought of and considered a reliable source of advice, being extremely perceptive and observant.

Following the end of Rikkai’s occupation of TP5, some doubts have arisen amongst Yanagi’s superiors about the trustworthiness of Yukimura Seiichi, and a decision has been made to observe him more closely. Despite being slightly older, Yanagi trained alongside this man and is more than passingly familiar with him; this was considered a perfectly valid reason when he put himself forward for the role of ambassadorial aide on TP5, given that Yukimura would perhaps be less suspicious of someone he knew than of a complete stranger. Yanagi’s motivation for taking this job remains to be seen, but his superiors are evidently happy enough with his loyalty to entrust this job to him.